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Would Knowing What's in the Air Around You Change Your Life?

As a startup, we get asked a lot about our vision. I wanted to share ours at Scanit because the day we crystalized it, I got goosebumps. It's the reason I get up every day excited about what we do, and the potential life-changing impact to the world.

From the food we eat to the air we breathe, we feel knowing what's in the air around us, in an actionable timeframe, can enable us to improve millions of lives. We imagine the possibilities of prevention if severe allergy / asthma suffers knew which specific pollens were around them. Or if we knew dangerous molds or bacteria were present where we live, learn, work and heal - in our homes, communities, offices, schools, and hospitals.

We are starting our journey focused on agriculture because it's urgent and our current sensor can have immediate impact by detecting airborne plant pathogens. Worldwide population growth coupled with decrease in available farmland & billions of dollars of crop losses to plant disease means we can make a measurable impact on feeding the world right now.

Next up is bacteria - and man does that get exciting. Imagine what we can do if we knew dangerous bacteria were present in our food processing facilities, in our hospital rooms or schools. The billions of dollars of medical costs, absenteeism at school and work, etc....the list goes on. Here comes those goosebumps again.....

Join us on our journey by signing up for our blog for updates as we move towards realizing our vision and thanks to all our family, friends and partners who are helping make our dream a reality.

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