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Scanit Partnership Announcement: Gold Leaf Technologies

We are excited to announce our partnership with Gold Leaf Technologies Inc. to enable our SporeCam™ technology to help Canadian controlled environment growers with early warning of plant pathogens. Gold Leaf’s team has deep expertise in LED lighting and sensor solutions for indoor and greenhouse cultivation practices making them a perfect partner for us. Learn more about Gold Leaf at their website:

The Canadian controlled environment agriculture (CEA) market is a critical component of their economy. Greenhouse vegetables being a large contributor (51% in 2019) of fresh produce exports from over 830 commercial greenhouse operations, 17.5 million square meters of growing area producing over 660,000 metric tons of vegetables(1).

Being such a key part of the economy means continually looking for advanced methods to prevent yield loss and driving efficiencies to combat rising labor costs which together are challenging cost and profit structures for growers.

Our SporeCam™ technology can enable growers to maximize yields per sq. meter while reducing integrated pest management (IPM) costs through precision treatment schedules and labor optimization. In order to bring our technology to growers in key areas such as Ontario (which alone accounts for over 65% of the total greenhouses in Canada(2)), we needed feet on the ground and expertise in CEA best practices. Gold Leaf Technologies will help us expedite our ability to serve growers in the region with local support, equipment install, training and customer service.

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